Hello, my name is Robert Scarbro. I hail from Gallup, New Mexico. I have been married to my beautiful wife Heather since 2013. We are the proud parents of August and Skye. I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2011. This summer I completed my Master of Theology (ThM) degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. I recently completed a summer long interim pastoral position in my home town and have stepped back to give more time to hunting for a full time position.

     In my free time, I enjoy hiking and nature walks (that’s what you do when you grow up in the middle of nowhere). I am a bit of a coffee lover- usually brewing four cups a day and drinking two. 

     My family and I hope to pursue a life of faithful ministry equipping and serving our Lord’s Church in whatever capacity He may provide. If that doesn’t give a full enough picture of who I am, you can begin to get a bit more by checking out my résumé.


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